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Hell, how long has it been since my last post? Damn i deserted this blog for so long! But im not gonna do that anymore for a while before the TITLE up there pulls me back to Putrajaya. Alam Shah, Putrajaya, is the Best All Male SBP school in the country. How can you deny that? Well, thats what people perceive from the outside view. Besides saying that the school's GAY that is -.-

I used to be in a different school before I came to this school. Yeah, SMK Bukit Jelutong :D
Here's me in a Prefect School Uniform;

Yeah, the good old days huh? Haha, these were awesome times you know? Basically after getting the letter INVITING me to enroll in Alam Shah, my social life was goooood. Damn, parties here and there, dance competitions now and then, ALWAYS going out, girls. Wooo, i was livin the good life thats for sure. But, the choice that I made was not for my present, but for my future. Sacrificing my social life for a brighter future. That's what my mom meant i guess, from my interpretation, on going to AS (keep it short ok? haha)

The thought of going to an ALL BOYS school was killing me. THERE ARE NO FEMALES. You know if you get sick of all male bravado, ego, and constant comparing between males, theres always the females who would AT LEAST dont talk about football ALL THE TIME, bragging about how they scored WHICH I DONT CARE, or how many chin ups they can do in 30 seconds. Girls talk about other stuff you know? So if im stuck in an all male school. Im expecting ALL OF THE ABOVE. FOOTBALL, EGO, MALE BRAVADO. DAAMN. NO WOMEN. :(

Soon, the day came. I came to this school in awe;

"Holy Shit." That was my first impression. DAMN, it was HUGE. OMG, they have a freakin' TRACK. Compared to SMKBJ this school was ADVANCED. I was stunned by its awesomeness. "This is NOT a school. This is a mini college or something." I said. Really Haziq? Thats what you thought eh?

So, Bigger Buildings + The fact that people here are ALL 5A's and 8A's + Putrajaya + Sekolah Berprestasi Tinggi = An Awesome school eh?

What was in store was gonna blow my mind, and create a WHOLE new understanding of humans in a VERY new way. The following few post after this, im gonna tell you about the awesome people I met here, and how they changed my life :)

If you happen to be reading this, you are actually missing me :)

Its not wrong to miss someone, but rather its a good thing actually. Missing someone means you actually care for that certain person. This could be my last blog until the year end holidays. So I wanna describe how much I miss you guys (people in BJ), slowly, and hopefully you'll understand my condition.

Every time you miss me, I think about you 3x more.
Every time you cry missing me, or the good times we shared together, I cry missing you back, hoping to relive those times, but knowing how that's such a lie.
Every time I pass a class of F3 learning Geo, my eyes turn red but I control myself, knowing we can never go through that again, never able to talk about how we used to do like 3-4 exercise books of Geo.
Every time I hear Aorta, Vena Cava, or Left Atrium, I turn sad, knowing I cant say, "Hey, do you remember we used to learn this in Form 3?" to the people I struggled together to achieve greatness.
The only way I can NOT miss you guys, is to make myself busy with the school (SAS). Rugby, the people there, and so on. But what after? It comes back. I try so hard not to break. But after the MAC in BJ yesterday, that night, I couldn't hold myself. It was so hard. It took me over 2 months to finally break. Damn I was feeling so down yesterday night. Remembering all those times we had, at SMKBJ, but I understand, we can't have fun all the time right? There are allways challenges at every corner, and we have to overcome it so that we become a better person. If life was all about fun and enjoying yourself, then it wouldn't be called life would it? It would be heaven. :)
I just wanna say, I wanna let you guys know, if you ever miss us, and you guys are wondering whether we ever think or miss you guys, you can bet that we think of you guys, wayyy more than you think of us.

Hoping to bring back the good times, your dear friend,
Ahmad Haziq bin Ahmad Azman

Now, I wanna say thank you to all my friends who have accepted me all this while, taking on my blue-ness even though it is sometimes unbearable. And I wanna say sorry, to all of you, who I have mistakenly hurt or annoy. Im Sorry.

Before I go to Alam Shah, Putrajaya, I wanna make a promise to all of you.
I, Ahmad Haziq bin Ahmad Azman, hereby promise;

To become a much better person than I was previously before I go to Alam Shah.
To train and have better "wings" and a better body.
To try my best in joining the rugby team of Alam Shah.
Try my best to not forget the people of Bukit Jelutong.
Try my best to to lose the love I have for the people of Bukit Jelutong.
Love you guys, may our paths cross someday, maybe on the field, maybe not.
Either way, terima kasih daun keladi, semoga kita berjumpa lagi. :D

Ahmad Haziq bin Ahmad Azman

And the winner is...


*Sorry Raisz, your "unique" face did not wow the ladies as much as Ah Keong did.

Yes, even I cant believe he ACTUALLY WON, like I said, its all in the skills. :)
Congrats Ah Keong, you are The Most Eligible Bachelor for 2009.

Ok, now the rankings;

1. Lee Jia Zhe
2. Kamal Suria
3. Hazeeq Muhaimien
4. Raisz Ramly
5. Mukhzin Rashid

p/s Actually, Hazeeq and Raisz have the same amount of votes, but, I'll just put Hazeeq on top of Raisz, because of alphabetical order. Sorry Raisz ;)

The Woman Of The Year Candidate No. 5

Nurulliana Azmi

Oh, this lady is really the underdog in this competition. Lets see what we have here, tall, slim, slender, and white skin. Oh, what more can you ask for? Usually the quiet girl, hiding in the corner and minding her own business, she can actually be quite a lady. Her radiance comes from her giggles and smiles which comes fairly easy with the right quantity and quality of jokes. The reason her utmost attributes are not seen is mainly because she is mostly hidden from public and prefers to stay in her own circle. But I've seen through the circle and I will unravel her hidden potential as The Woman Of The Year.

My Verdict:

Looks: 7/10
Her white skin, slim and slender figure makes her on par with girls like Nurul Aisyah and Gwyneth Paltrow. This makes her attractive and HARD to approach at the same time.

Style: 8/10
The standard 3 Omega female clothes wear, like the picture above. This design is both somewhat casual and pure awesome, and Liana does look somewhat angelic in these kind of clothes. :)

Attitude: 9/10
Oh, she has the heart of gold, for not only being one of the nicest ladies around, (I have NEVER heard her curse, maybe she did, aha, shes an Omega, mesti pernah) she is also quite easy to talk to, and has the most primo laughs and giggles around.

Odour Control: 8/10
Again, I have never caught her smelling like crap, nor be stunned by her smell either. So, her smell is somewhat neutral and is quite subtle. I believe she DOES smell wonderful, only she dosen't want to attract attention.

Overall: 80%
Ah, the most balanced out of all the ladies, she is actually quite nice and sweet once you get to know her. Her only downside is that she is VERYY SHY, so if a man wants to approach her, he better have the right skills and mastery to take her on. All you men out there who has a thing for her, I bid you good luck. May God be with you.


The Woman Of The Year Candidate No. 4

Izza Atirah

Ah, men have been blinded by her megawatt smile and stunning personality that is sometimes random but unique nonetheless. Maybe this is what attracts some men to her presence. Different from most girls her age, (she's 13 ya'll) she is what you say a wolf in sheep's clothing. "Someone who hides malicious intent under the guise of kindliness." That's what it means, but is it for real? One look at this particular girl, gives me a weird assumption on HOW such a girl could bring men to their knees. Well, lets dig deeper shall we?

My Verdict:

Looks: 7.7/10
She's like a cross of Minnie Mouse and a chinese sister. She has this astounding look, that grows even "hotter" or "beautiful" with every time you see her. Surely, no wonder when people see her for the first time, they want to see her again, and again, and again, until ultimately they fall for her. :)

Style: 8/10
Oh, I have NEVER seen her go out before, but I believe usually the way women dress are somewhat related to how their friends dress. And Izza is no different. I believe she is a cross between Nalissa Suria (Kamal Suria's sister) and a normal 3 Omega Girl. Yeah, like that.

Attitude: 9/10
Woo, most people relate her to "sweet" and "nice." Yeah, because of her attitude is what make her seem more attractive. Her looks and attitude have this great chemistry, resulting in a more chic and ravishing Izza Atirah.

Odour Control: 8.2/10
Well, her scent is still foreign to me, I dont really know her scent that well, but seeing as people tend to get closer to her MUST mean something right? IF she had the smell of a cow (when its crapping, or a cow itself) of course no one would stand near her. BUT, all the males flock to her like girls seeing a 70% discount at Topshop/Zarra, it MUST mean she smells THAT good.

Overall: 82%
Her main attribute comes from her skill that makes men who see her for the first time want to see her again, and again, and again, with her getting "prettier" every time. If she can capture the man at the start, then all she has to do is just captivate him with her communication skills. She is truly a pure "male-killer".

"Watch out, her horny face could mean instant death to guys!"

Teehee! xD!


The Woman Of The Year Candidate No. 3

Elora Ismade

There's no one feistier than this girl right here. She looks like a horny gal, but actually knows how to take care of herself. (Im not saying shes actually horny, but... well, we dont know do we? x) While not REALLY having the height, (even though she dreams to be something like Giselle Bundchen) but she can still amaze us men with her constant way of "bahankan" orang. Another AMAZING skill of hers, is her ability to change into her "womanly" form and "ganas" form with ease, which makes her easily fit in into society. An amazing girl indeed, but we will see how she performs ;)

My Verdict:

Looks: 8/10
Well, she actually looks "hot" at times, "cute" at times, and maybe just plain normal, depending on when the person sees her. If the first time, usually its "hot" or "cute". But when you get to know her, and see her "ganas" side, it changes. DRAMATICALLY.

Style: 8.5/10
A fan of tight clothes and cute dresses from shops like Topshop, bags from Prada and Gucci, and shoes from Kenneth Cole . She can dress and TRY to look as good as possible all the time. She WILL NEVER BE SEEN walking around with simple clothes. It MUST be like tight pants and shirt or a dress.

Hahaa, like I said, her attitude can change like the 4 seasons. Lucky for us, she only has 2 "seasons." She can turn really sweet at one point, and then, "menggelikan" at another time. She is really hard to read.

Odour Control: 8.2/10
Well, I have never caught her smelling like crap before, maybe a bit smelly before because of running around either EVADING Amir Danial's slap, or GOING AFTER Amir Danial, for a slap. She usually has this nice perfume on, so she really has a GREAT odour control.

Overall: 79%
Oh, she is at best when you first meet her, when you dont know her "ganas" side. If you so happen to know her "sweet" side, keep it that way. Please, if she gets into her other form, your perception of her will change, DRAMATICALLY. Keep to her SWEET SIDE.


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